California Municipal Statistics, Inc. (Calmuni) has been providing California municipal bond information and California municipal bond research reports to the financial community since 1932. Calmuni has the largest and most comprehensive database on California municipal issues in existence.

CalmuniAbout Calmuni Calmuni provides research pertaining to the California municipal bond market. Services provided include:
  • Calmuni Subscription Service.
  • Financial Advisory Support.
  • Continuing Disclosure.
  • Research and Analytical Services.
CalmuniContact Calmuni To make general inquiries, request information (such as ordering a table of Direct and Overlapping Bonded Debt, table of Largest Secured Property Taxpayers, etc.) or contact any of the Calmuni personnel directly.
CalmuniSubscribe to Calmuni How to subscribe to the Calmuni Subscription Service.
CalmuniEmployment Opportunities Calmuni is always on the lookout for talented individuals. Any available positions will be listed here.
BONDjournalCalmuni Research @ BONDjournal Subscribers to the Calmuni Subscription Service can now access all Calmuni research through BONDjournal. Calmuni subscribers have access to a number of useful features:
  • Forward Municipal Calendar ~ Updated continuously throughout the day, including links to official statements available on other sites. Prior dates can be searched as well.
  • Calmuni Research Reports ~ Published weekly, all Calmuni research reports are available in Adobe Acrobat format.
  • California Issuer Search Engine ~ Ability to search database by issuer name.
  • Calmuni municipal bond database ~ All known California municipal issues are included. Over twenty database fields plus a full maturity schedule. Defeased and escrowed issues are identified.

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